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The Framework

Step 1

Identifying an opportunity for real estate investment and a development concept for increasing the asset value;

Step 2

A full analysis of the current market from economic outlook and demographics to competition analysis and project positioning;

Step 3

Implementing the urban solution into Urban Zonal Planning (PUZ) or Urban Detail Planning (PUD), or obtaining the Building Permit;

Step 4

Supporting the creation of Green Homes through credible, cost-effective certification procedures;

Step 5

Defining the sales strategy definition and project execution and negotiating and arranging real estate transactions

Real Estate development

My expertise

I am a property consultant and a full real estate research services provider, active in the real estate industry for over 20 years, committed to delivering solutions to meet its clients’ ambitions.

During my experience, I have successfully managed a diverse portfolio of real estate assets, including undeveloped lands. I have successfully repositioned several commercial assets, but the major value increase was recorded for lands, lands with former industrial use and repositioned, at the right time, as lands with increased commercial use potential.

Why working with me

Expand your business into the Romanian real estate market and cover your business with any potential risks

Develop top-performing residential projects and get your Green Homes Certificate

Differentiate your asset on the market using my sales strategy definition & execution services



Spot the opportunity

Acquire the asset


Analyze the best use

Feasibility study


Decide on the concept

Design the concept


Develop the project

Obtain the Green Homes Certificate


Deliver a market-leading asset

Deliver the asset


And keep up to date